SPR System

This project was developed for a Package Delivery Logistic company dedicated to organizing events. The operators receive the packages, scan them to be managed and sent to an event. The main goal here was to speed up operation, reduce the number of clicks using the interface, improve the scanning process and improve usability. 

Phase 1. Understanding


  1. Speed up operation
  2. Reduce number of clicks
  3. Improve scan process
  4. Improve usability (avoid complicated ergonomics)

System Map

We built this map to understand the journey that the user do on real life to complete tasks.

User tasks are divided into 4 big phases:

  1. Receive
  2. Sort
  3. Move Package
  4. Move Location

Phase 2. Information Analysis

Objective: Understand the flow that users follow on the interface to complete a task.

User Journey Map

Objective: Relate the flow that the user follows in real life with the SPR.

Flow Map (As IS)

Objective: Map the flow of the current interface features

What did we find?

Tasks in the main menu are not categorized in such a way that the user can relate them to the real world

Phase 3. Ideation

Flow Map (To be)

Objective: Mapping the flow of how we propose tasks should be categorized.


We started sketching some possible solutions.


We built high fidelity mockups including design choices for color schemes, layouts, typography, iconography, the visuals of navigation, and the overall atmosphere of the product.


Please feel free to review the prototype of this project:

© All rights reserved. Logos, images and texts are property of SPR. © Designed by Jorge Guadarrama for Ksquare Solutions.

Disclaimer: This project was developed for a private company, but the name was intentionally changed to the fictional name “SPR” because of confidentiality reasons.

This portfolio has just information purposes.

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