Sun Bank Collection management

This project consists of the design of notifications to help Sun Bank customers to manage the collection and payment of credits through digital banking. In the event that clients do not meet the required payment it is possible to build a “personal finance plan” to help them pay their debt and improve their financial health

Problem Definition

Sun Bank customers have access to different credits such as credit cards, mortgage loans and car loans. The bank wants to help its clients remember the date and amount of credit payments to avoid delays and increased interest. In case the customer is delayed on his payment date, he got the status of “debtor”.

The following illustrate the debt timeline:

Analysis and Ideation

Based on that, a scheme of color-based notifications to illustrate credit time and status:

1. Advance Notification
Sent to clients identified by the Risk Management Models with a high or medium default probability. You can schedule your payment up to three days before the payment deadline. 

Action: Shedule Payment

Color: Blue. This color represents tranquility.

2. Preventive notification
Sent to customers identified by the Risk Management Models, with a high or medium default probability.

Action: Pay Now

Color: Red. This color represents alert, attraction and strength.

3. Notification of Debtor.
Sent to all clients that have one or more number of defaults, regardless of the risk assigned by the models. If a customer get the status of debtor, he may qualify to a “personal finance plan” to solve his debt.
Action: See Plan
Color: Blue. This color represents serenity, harmony and health.

We worked on a flow map to consider the time, customer status and possible actions.

This image illustrate the strategy of the notifications:


Here we have the mockups of the screens where the notifications will apear and the next screens where the user can schedule or make a payment:

Personal Finance Plan (PFP)

As previously stated, the client has the possibility to schedule their payment or make it manually on the corresponding dates. If not, the user obtains the debtor status and to resolve his situation he may qualify for a “Personal Finance Plan”, which gives him the option to freeze the interests of the debt and select the term in which he wishes pay off his debt.

The steps to get a PFP were defines using this flow map. The steps are basically:

1. User get details of plan: total balance, payment terms, down payment and monthly payments.

2. Client authorize plan

3. User make initial payment.

PFP Wireframes


In a bank it is very important to prevent debt status so providing tools such as reminders and payment schedules are very important. But in the event that a client falls into a debtor state, it is important to provide the appropriate solutions to resolve their situation. In terms of design it is very important to consider colors and the type of messages used to communicate the different debt status in a credit.

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